At a panel dealing with the subject of COVID-19 on Sunday, March 1, 2020, I put forward 3 suggestions for the Government of Canada’s consideration: (1) Allocate special funding to support the full coordination of the Federal, Provincial/Territorial and Local health authorities to ensure that adequate resources are available to support medical preparations and communications for integrated actions among the public authorities; provide financial support to people who are under quarantine, if needed; and prepare for counselling and support services to the individuals under quarantine and their families during the quarantine period as well as post-quarantine period; (2) strongly encourage individuals returning to Canada from areas where travel advisories have been issued to self-quarantine for at least 14 days to better protect themselves, their family members, their co-workers and the community; (3) strengthen measures at the airports and borders such as using thermal testing to screen and monitor incoming individuals, particularly from high-risk areas. Let’s continue to do our parts to contain and control the virus and support each other for the health and well-being of all Canadians.

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