From the launch event in March to the Community Forum, the Town learned what the community imagined a culturally rich Richmond Hill would look like. With your input, a draft Cultural Plan was written and until October 20th, it will be available for further comment.

In the Draft Plan, you’ll find a vision that captures the anticipated outcome from the strategies listed in it.

Vision:  In 2020, Richmond Hill is widely admired as a vibrant community in which culture informs all facets of the Town’s planning and decision-making; where diversity, gender and age are reflected in all aspects of cultural expression; and where an authentic and distinctive identity inspires a creative spirit.

You will also learn the five goals that address themes resulting from the community consultations. These goals are:

As you read, you’ll see that each goal has several strategies to support its outcome. The implementation of these strategies will occur within a 10-year time frame and they are divided into three phases: short (one to three years), medium (four to six years) and long (seven to 10 years). The culmination of the many events and discussions planned will definitely help to transform Richmond Hill into the vibrant community we all envision.

Please complete the brief survey as shown in the link below to tell us what your thoughts are on the Draft Cultural Plan. The survey should take you about 10 minutes to complete.

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